Illustration Project.

"Horse Shoe Lampion"

Agency: Dentsu Sparks

Creative Director: Rino Rianinditio

Producer: Ossa Oryza

Sr. Graphic Designer: Vincent Purnomo

FA Artist: Gusti Denzi

Videographer: Yudie Yudiaru

Illustrator: Nindita Kirana

Media: Chinese Ink on Paper

Sequislife is a client of Dentsu Sparks.
Sequislife, a company that runs in insurance services, touch their 30th anniversary by the year 2014. With calendar as the media choosen, Sequislife wants to share their journey during this 30 years, to their employee, their agents, and also their service users
Used the “q” from Sequislife logo, as a main character that represent the Sequislife’s journey on each illustration.
Sequislife. For a Better Tomorrow.
Agency: Dentsu Sparks
Account team: Mitsunori Wada, Melly Ibrahim, Tara Anindita, & Annisa
Creative Director: Rino A. Rianindito
Group Head: Riva Julianto
Art Director: Axel Widjaja
Copywriter: Riva Julianto
Graphic Designer: Nindita Kirana
Illustrator: Nindita Kirana
FA Artist: Gusti Denzi

Illustration Project.

"The Evolution of David Bowie"

Here’s my tribute to the one and only my superhero, David Bowie.



Yes, i would like to introduce you to the stylish-mad-man and the genius-gentleman-musician on earth, Mr. David Bowie.

This guy is absolutely stunning and there’s no words could describe him as anything, he’s an untitled man on art. (Sometimes i’ve said to my friend and even to my boss, that he is a goddess, the bff of Jesus).

Why this man such an adorable person alive, because he never could go wrong. He always made a masterpiece that no one ever done it before. He really put the attention not only on the music, but the style that he wants to deliver. He knows what he wants, he breaks the glass from the accountant carreer to the rebel genious musician on earth.

The story of him was never enough, and how big he influences all the beautiful people on earth was never stop. He’s a legend, a savior, a priest,  an innovator, a musician, a rebellion youth, a fashion guru, a husband, an “it” list man, and a father.

Thank God we have David Bowie.

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media: markers on paper


The Lamp Project.


A DIY project as a wedding gift to my friend, Shita Hidayat.

Because she likes cat and about to leave her one and only cat, Jelly in Jakarta, so i thought to made something that going to remind her of it in Solo. Yes, she move to Solo for about 2 years, because her husband is studying there to get a Specialist title on his doctor career. Gonna miss ya’, Shita!

Media: canvas, watercolor, tulle fabric

Plants Sketchbooks Project.

Illustration about plants onto 5 sketchbooks, as a supporting properties for a local independent film in Jakarta. The source book of the plants illustration and copy were taken from the book “The Power of Plants”.

I really love this project :D

Thanks to Mbak Myrna Pohan and Amelia Sylvani!

media: oil pastels & watercolor on paper

Sep - Oct 2013.

The Great Bye Postcard Project.

These are great “good bye-see you again” greetings to my great friends in Y&R, Landor, and The Campaign Palace Indonesia. 

I made each postcards an illustration of my each friends. These are the visualization of them from my eyes and experiences with each of them.

These are the people that taught me a lot about life, work, passion, and love. These are my 2nd family, always.

(Poorly, some people were too early left this office before i do. So i apologize that i couldn’t make their illustrations)